Missionary Highlights

Wooden Cross

November 2018


Africa and South Dakota - The Ruckmans

The Ruckmans are officially on the field as of July of this year. They are beginning the process of planting an international church to reach West African immigrants in Sioux Falls, SD. God has already begun opening the door for ministry to this population in Sioux Falls. Bro. Ruckman writes: "I received a call last week from a Liberian man asking me to come to visit a lady whose eighteen-year-old son had just died under suspicious circumstances. Angie and I went to visit and comfort her and her other two children. After arriving at her home, other West Africans continued arriving until we had thirty-two Liberians in her living room. They gave us the opportunity to minister to them from the Word of God, and we were able to preach the Gospel. Her oldest daughter spoke to us after the service and told me that she understood what I have preached and that it "spoke to her heart." She asked if she could come to the church we are starting." As soon as the Ruckmans locate a meeting space, they will begin holding regular services.


Bolivar, PA - The Lints

Bro. Lint reported that the church there had many blessings in the VBS Program they held this past summer. They had twenty children in attendance. The children were engaged in the lessons; some of their parents stayed too and so they also heard the Gospel. Two of the children have continued to attend the church since VBS.

He also reported that they have had a gentleman start attending the church very regularly. He has many needs but the Lints believe he is saved and has a desire to serve the Lord. Please be in prayer for this gentleman. His name is Rick.


Chili - The Gali Family

Bro. Gali writes: "As we have been busy settling into our new life in the city, we have been busy working with a church here in Vina del Mar. They are very missions-minded and have already stated various works in the Valparaiso region. During our time ministering with them, we have been involved in soul winning, hospital visitation, and teaching. I have also had several opportunities to preach It has been a blessing to be involved in the church, and we have enjoyed the time of fellowship with the brothers and sister in Christ."

Bro. Gali also noted that the church in Vina is actively involved in establishing new churches and it is planning to begin a work in Quillota. If the plans move forward, the Galis will be partnering with another national missionary couple in the work.


Evangelist Preacher - Dan Meaders

Preacher Dan writes: "I recently preached in Helena, Montana, for a young man whom I had never met. I asked him how he had heard of me or what led him to call me. His answer amazed me as so many of the places I have enjoyed preaching at.

He had found my old Pastor Jack Wood online and enjoyed listening to his preaching. He said in those sermons he'd heard Brother Jack mention a man named Dan Meaders many times. He said the Lord laid upon his heart to find this man and see if he was still in the work of God. He found me. We had a great time preaching for him,..."


Mongolia - The Tillmans

"We are happy to have been able to hold our annual summer camp for 2018. We were blessed to have many guests attend this year's event as well. For 2018 we had around 250 people in attendance and 39 professions of faith and all 39 baptized. Most of the new believers are from our Gobi villages. We had a few from our Hope Children Center and the remainder of the new converts came for our city church. Most all the ones that were baptized were guests that attended with church members. Every year we encourage our members to bring lost friends and family members. We are blessed that our folks like to see people come to Christ so they always bring plenty."


The Netherlands - The Krehs

He also reported that the street ministry is going well. "Even though our spot is going through construction, we are still able to stand near Central Station and pass out tracts and talk with people about the Lord. People are getting used to seeing us now and are beginning to be a bit more conversant with us, but as you can imagine, not all the conversation is friendly toward our Lord. A man recently told us we were stupid for believing in God, generally, when people act like this, they want to pick a fight, but used the Scripture to show him there is a God and he has just chosen to deny Him. I told him he has every right to be wrong. The next time we saw him, we had another 20-minute discussion about the Lord and he has begun to soften on his position."


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