Missionary Highlights

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July 2016

Boston - The Stelzig Family

The Stelzigs continue on deputation, and they have reached 20% of their needed support. They have been in meetings in New England and North Carolina over the past couple of months. The Stelzigs are continuing to survey the needs of the Boston area and have recently been focusing on a region known as "Mission Hill." On researching Mission Hill, Brother Stelzig has learned that there isn't an effective Gospel preaching church within the region. It is an area marked by academia; but it also has two of the largest housing projects in Boston less than half a mile away. Bro. Stelzig reports that this is another example of the dire need for church planting in the Boston area.


Chile - The Gali Family

Brother Gali reports that they have held their first church service in their new church plant location of Paine. They are meeting in a local community building near the center of town. The church is having many activities throughout the day on Sunday as it is the only day the building is available. There have not been any visitors to the morning service but they are also holding a children's Bible Club which has been very well attended. In addition, they are holding a Bible study on Sunday evening, which has had a few visitors. The Galis have begun a Monday Bible study with a woman named Gina. Gina knows little about true salvation. Bro. Gali asked for prayer as they present the truths of the Bible to her. Gina is in her seventies, and she has become quite set in her ideas about religion.


Missionaries to the Cuban People - The Martinez Family

Brother Martinez writes: "...we are so glad to report that souls are still being saved in Miami." The Martinez' have distributed thousands of church invitations and Gospel tracts. The people are friendly but indifferent about coming out to church. The church plant is holding steady, but many who attend are pulled by the financial demands caused by the high cost of living in the Miami area.

Brother Martinez also reported that the public school Bible club that their son Caleb is involved with is being greatly used by the Lord. Every week Caleb goes home with news that more young people are getting saved. In March, Bro. Martinez had the opportunity to preach at two different middle schools and saw sixteen young people pray and ask the Lord to save them.


Missionaries to the Deaf World - The Francini Family

Brother Dean Francini has had much activity in his new work for the deaf in Colorado Springs. He has prayed for the Lord to give them favor amongst the thousands of deaf people in the region, and it seems that several times a week he has the opportunity to meet new deaf people.

Brother Francini was excited to report that one of the families which had been attending regularly has recently joined the church. This has sparked interest about church membership in other attendees. Pray that others would be moved to become a more committed part of this local church body.


Germany - The Duke Family

When the Dukes moved to the North Sea coast of Germany in 2000, they had a vision of being able to reach the German navy. Although they have not seen much fruit for their efforts, they have recently been encouraged by the visit of a woman named Amanda. Amanda is married to a German naval man. The Dukes are hopeful that this might be the opportunity they have been hoping for in reaching the individuals stationed in the Germany naval bases. Please pray with them that the Lord would use this to open the door to reach the German sailors.


Germany - The Klaus Family

Brother Klaus reported that their church in Germany is going well. They have an active teen ministry, and they have participated in regional conferences. This allows them the opportunity for fellowship with other Christians in the region. They had the opportunity to attend a wedding for a young woman who was saved in their church several years prior when she worked and studied in the city of Regensberg. In addition, Brother Klaus' church hosted a Bavaria-wide Ladies' retreat that was attended by more than 100 women. At least one woman came forward for salvation.


Germany - The Parks Family

Brother Parks writes that they have had two new families visiting the church in Ammerthal. One family came as the result of a personal invitation, and the other family found them through their new church website. They have also had a gentleman named Jan visit again. Jan is a German man who visited several months ago and inquired about the church and what they believed. Jan is unsaved. The Parks would appreciate prayer for Jan and his girlfriend Shanine. May the Lord open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

Brother Parks also reported that the church he pastored in Schweinfurt has been turned over to the leadership of a German national that the Lord has called into the ministry. Brother Juergen Voll had been in charge of the services at the church for the past three years. Brother Parks, Brother Steve Strull, and another missionary Brother Parks works with, felt that Brother Voll had proven his faithfulness to his calling. Brother Voll was ordained as permanent pastor of that work in Schweinfurt.


Ghana - The Petersons

The Petersons are still on furlough in the States, working on securing support for their ministry. Their visit is winding down and they are planning to return to Ghana at the end of July 2016. The Petersons have visited many churches and have had some much needed family time with their children and grandchildren. The work in Ghana has continued while they have been on furlough. Please pray for them to have all the resources they need when they return to Ghana at the end of July.


Home and Abroad Ministries - The Williams

In the last highlights, the Williams were asking for prayer for the Lord to raise up a man to go to Newfoundland, Canada to lead a work they had been ministering to. Brother LeBron shared that he has been called by the Lord to return to Newfoundland to start a fundamental church there. Three of the couples who attended the church that they were helping are excited to help with this new work. Much prayer will be needed as they anticipate much opposition from the adversary as the new work gets underway. Please pray that once the work gets started, the Lord will raise up a man to take it over.


Mexico - The Ortiz Family

The Ortiz Family is very excited to be at 69% of their needed support to head to the field. They are scheduled to be in meetings through the end of October and are praying that the Lord will provide the remainder of their support by then. They have been on deputation for a little over two years. One of the biggest lessons they are learning through deputation is to wait on the Lord. Brother Ortiz believes it is one of the hardest lessons that needs to be learned as a Christian, but he knows that the Lord's timing is best.


Mongolia - The Tillman Family

In June, Brother Tillman sent pictures and testimonies of three of the children that are being served by the orphanage. The stories are both heartbreaking and encouraging. There are many children in need of care and all are in need of the Lord. In July, Brother Tillman reported that the first of two summer camps had taken place in the usual camp location outside of UlaanBaatar, next to the Tuul River. Just shy of 300 attended the camp. God gave 28 professions of faith with the same 28 being baptized in the near freezing water. Continue to pray for the Tillmans as they minister to the people of Mongolia; and for the children they are serving in the orphanages. Also they are asking for prayer for the summer camp to be held in the Gobi desert in August. Many from the ministry in the desert are expected to attend.


Nukuoro, Micronesia - The Peelers

Brother Peeler reported that he had a health issue which caused him to be hospitalized for over a week. Fortunately, the local doctors were able to figure out the cause of his illness. After a course of IV antibiotics, he is much better. Just before he was airlifted to Pohnpei, an older lady was saved at their weekly Bible study. They are praising the Lord for her salvation as she is in her eighties. So far they have seen ten souls saved since they began ministering on the island.


Papua New Guinea - The Mullins

Brother Mullins reports that he and Mrs. Lyn continue to be busy attending Missions meetings and conferences. He also reported that there is a PNG Paper Fund which has been established to obtain finances to provide paper for printing Gospel tracts in Papua New Guinea. Missionary Chad Wells of Papua New Guinea is heading up the Paper Fund project.


Romania - The Lawrence Family

Brother Lawrence reports that the work in Sanmihaiu continues to go well. Brother Severus and family are doing well there. They are praying for spiritual growth in those that attend and that more souls will be added to the church there. Bro. Lawrence also noted that they are continuing to go to Ilianda and Mera. Brother Lawrence is praying that the Lord would raise up churches in those villages. They have also visited a new village called Lozna. They have been evangelizing in several new places and pray that the Lord will bring thirsty souls their way so that they can tell them about the Living Water.


Transporters for Jesus - The Worleys

The Worleys continue to be very busy in their ministry. On one of their recent transports, they carried printing equipment that was going to be shipped to Africa for printing Bibles. It is exciting to think that they are playing a part in the opportunity to bring the Gospel to Africa through the transportation of that printing press. They also helped move Brother Jeff Wilson from Boiling Springs, South Caroline to Phoenix, Arizona.


Turks and Caicos Islands - The Valles Family

The Valles Family continues on deputation. They are spending the summer visiting churches in the western United States. As they have been driving from city to city and town to town, they are seeing and hearing about the lack of Bible-preaching churches. At times, the closest church is a few hours away. The Valles' have reached 50% of the support they need to get on the field. They are in their second and final year of missionary candidate school. On a personal note, Brother Valles shared that in May he was ordained by his sending church which is in Manchester New Hampshire.


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