The Klaus Family in Austria
The Lawrence Family in Romania
The Lawrence Family Mission in Romania

Olivet Baptist Church members actively support the following missions programs:

Douglas Family - Brazil
Bro. Michael Douglas and his wife Ruth will be planting churches for the deaf in Brazil. They have been sent out by Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf in Ringgold, GA.
Email: cmrdouglas3@yahoo.com

Duke Family - Germany
Edwin "Buddy" Duke and his family are church planters in Germany. Bro. Duke was sent out by Shady Acres Baptist Church in Houston, TX.
Email: edwin.duke@t-online.de

Foster Family - South Africa
Jim and Kristina Foster are veteran missionaries to the people in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. They are involved in church planting, running a Christian school and in a ministry to parents of stillborn or terminally ill infants. They are sent out through Central Missionary Clearinghouse in Houston, TX.
Email: jkbefoster@hotmail.com Website: www.goodhopeministries.com

Francini Family - Missionaries to the Deaf in the United States
Dean Francini and his family are going to be planting a church for the deaf in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are sent out by Sword Deaf Baptist Church in Andersonville, TN.
Email: Francinis@Hands4Jesus.com

Gali Family - Chile
Mike Gali and his family are church planters in the country of Chile, South America. Bro. Gali was sent out by Gateway Baptist Church in Conowingo, MD.
Email: mjgkmg21@aol.com

Gerwitz Family - Brazil
Bro. Zack Gerwitz and his family have been called to go to Brazil to bring the Gospel to remote regions in the Amazon. They have been sent out by Madison Baptist Church in Madison, AL.
Email: zjgerwitz@gmail.com

Klaus Family - Austria
Keith Klaus and his family are church planters in the country of Austria. Bro. Klaus was sent out by Mountain View Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL.
Website: http://www.klaustria.com

Kreh Family - Netherlands
Eric Kreh and his wife Lisa have been called to plant churches in the Netherlands. They have been sent out by Cornerstone Baptist Church in Findlay, Ohio.
Email: eKreh73@gmail.com Website: http://www.kreh2NL.com

Kumar Family - India
Enoch Kumar and his family are involved in an orphanage ministry in their native country of India. Bro. Kumar was sent out by Tabernacle Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, VA.
Email: enochkumar@juno.com Website: http://www.1timothy315.org/

Lawrence Family - Romania
Isaac Lawrence and his family are church planters in the country of Romania. Bro. Lawrence was sent out by Faith Baptist Church, Crossville, TN.
Email: isaac652001@yahoo.com Website: http://www.lawrenceinromania.com

Lint Family - PA, USA
Paul Lint and his family have been on the field for several years. They are church planters to people in the Pittsburgh, PA area. They were sent out by Dry Run Independent Baptist Church in Duncansville, PA.

Martinez Family - Cuba
Brother Joseph Martinez and his family are currently on deputation as missionaries to the people of Cuba. They are sent by Chilhowie Baptist Church in Chilhowie, VA.
Email: josephandnena@yahoo.com

Preacher Dan Meaders - USA
Daniel Meaders, aka "Preacher Dan", is an evangelist preacher for the Lord Jesus Christ. His home church is Shady Acres Baptist Church in Houston, TX.
Email: dbmeaders@hotmail.com

Mullins Family - Papua New Guinea
Ted Mullins and his wife, Lyn, are church planters in the country of Papua, New Guinea. Bro. Ted was sent out by Moriah Baptist Church in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA.
Email: t.lmullins@yahoo.com

Newton Family - Portugal
Allen Newton and his wife, Barbara, are church planters in the country of Portugal. Bro. Newton was sent out by Faith Baptist Church in Lebanon, PA.
Email: portfigs@yahoo.com Blog: http://portfigs6.blogspot.com

Ortiz Family - Mexico
Rolando Ortiz and his family are planning to plant churches in Mexico. Bro. Ortiz was sent out by Brookhaven Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.
Email: rolanzwot@gmail.com

Parks Family - Germany
David Parks and his family are church planters in the country of Germany. Bro. Parks was sent out by Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Resaca, GA.
Email: parksingermany@hotmail.com

Peeler Family - Micronesia
Jack Peeler and his wife, Melinda, are currently planting a church on the Micronesian Island of Nukuoru. Bro. Peeler was sent out by Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC.
Email: jackmpeeler@yahoo.com

Pereira Family - Portugal
Bro. Mark and his wife Aura are missionaries to Portugal. Bro. Mark is a national who was converted under the ministry of our missionaries, the Newtons. They were sent out by Narragansett Bay Baptist Church in Warwick, RI.
Email: mark@reachportugal.com Website: http://www.reachportugal.com

Ruckman Family - Africa and USA
Bro. James Ruckman and his family have been called to plant churches in South Dakota and Africa. They are sent out by Eastside Baptist Church in Sioux Falls, SD.
Email: jamruck@hotmail.com Website: http://www.ruckmans2africa.com

Stanley Family - Australia, Northern Territory
Justin Stanley and his family are missionaries to Northern Territory, Australia. They were sent out by Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.
Email: jdsojs@hotmail.com

Stanley Family - Spain
Bro. Jason Stanley and his family will be planting churches in Spain. They have been sent out by Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.
Email: jasonstanley@mwbm.org Website: http://www.stanleystospain.com

Stelzig Family - Boston, USA
Nick Stelzig and his family are missionaries to the suburbs of Boston, MA. They were sent out by Maranatha Baptist Church in Yorktown, VA.
Email: 2boston4christ@gmail.com

Tillman Family - Mongolia
Mitch Tillman and his family have been serving in Mongolia in ministries established through the work of his father, Tommy Tillman. They were sent out by Community Baptist Church in Apison, TN.
Email: mitchtillman316@yahoo.com

Valles Family - Turks and Caicos Islands
Paul Valles and his family are missionaries to the Turks and Caicos Islands. They will evangelize the lost, plant churches and train nationals to take over the works once they are established. They were sent out by Gospel Baptist Church in Manchester, NH.
Email: valles2caicos@gmail.com Website: http://www.valles2caicos.com

Ward Family - African-Middle Eastern Nations
Mike Ward and his wife have been sent out to minister to the muslim nations in Africa and the Middle East. Their sending church is Southside Baptist Church in Goodview, VA.
Email: mmward75@gmail.com Website: http://www.amen-missions.com

Williams Family - USA
Lebron Williams and his wife, Libby, are presently involved in a helps ministry which enables missionaries to take a furlough from their work. They travel wherever they are needed to relieve a missionary family taking furlough. They were sent out by Bible Baptist Church in Supply, NC.
Email: lebronwms@juno.com

Worley Family - USA
Arnold Worley and his wife, Wanda, are providing a transportation ministry to missionaries and pastors requiring assistance moving in the United States and abroad. Bro. Worley was sent out by Temple Baptist Church in Marion, NC.
Email: arnoldworley@morrisbb.net

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