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Pastor's Report 2015

April 3, 2016

The Lord continued to bless Olivet Baptist Church in 2015.  The church is full each Sunday with church family and new faces as well.  It seems as though the more children we have, the more children we have.  It is so nice to have visitors and new people attending church.  It is also a blessing to see people saved and added to our number. Our discipleship program is still producing fruit for the Kingdom of Christ.  We also had several young people baptized in September along with the Wilmots. God is surely working!

The Lord also provided for more building projects.  We were able to complete a fairly substantial drainage project around the back of the church building.  The major work to build a structure over the walkway leading into the main entrance commenced and should be completed shortly.  I heard a rumor that we will have air conditioning in the auditorium for 2016.

We hosted the Roland family on the weekend of August 23, and it was such a joy to have them sing praises right here in our church.  Bro. Jimís son, Derrick, was called to preach just before they arrived, so we trusted him to preach one of his first sermons here.  He did just fine!

It was sad to say goodbye to our dear brother Bill DiSalvo in the month of August. I had the privilege of conducting his service for Miss Wendye and his boys on the 28th.  We all loved Bill and will miss him dearly.  It is a blessing to know that he is waiting for us in glory.

Bro. Don Davis was back for our missions Revival on November 5-8.  The Ortiz family, Missionaries to Mexico joined us as well and our Faith Promise Missions Giving increased approximately 30% to $43K.  Praise God!

The older I get the more I realize how much I need and appreciate each one of you.  Thank you for your faithfulness to our church and our Savior.


Pastor Joe

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